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Transformative Tutors: Learners to Leaders

The positive effects of tutoring are no secret. Tutoring is linked to improved grades, test scores, and attitudes toward learning. According to a study conducted by San Bernardino Valley College, students who engage in tutoring experience an average test score increase of 12%. Tutored students outperformed their peers in 45 out of 52 academic fields. Recent data from 2023 showed that after just two months of tutoring, students surpassed non-tutored peers by an impressive margin of 85-90%. Moreover, tutoring played a significant role in reducing the early school dropout rate by 30%. At-risk students who received mathematics tutoring showcased remarkable progress in their achievement scores, exhibiting an average effect size of 0.57. Simultaneously, high school students exhibited a notable 9% increase in their pass rate on state exams. Even students themselves recognize and report the substantial academic benefits at a rate of 74%!

Unfortunately, we must recognize that not all students can utilize tutoring. Studies indicate that students from historically disadvantaged backgrounds, including Black students often have less access to private tutoring. This exacerbates the existing achievement gap — an issue that Top Tutors for Us addresses. We are aware of how tutors play a pivotal role in the success of our students in school and beyond.

Discover the Benefits with Top Tutors for Us:

  1. Personalized Learning

    1. Tailor to individual learning styles

    2. Different learning modalities

  2. Profound Understanding

    1. Critical thinking and deep insight

    2. Focused learning, no distractions

  3. Supportive Environment

    1. Positive relationship with matched tutor

    2. Safe space for mistakes, exploration, and questions

  4. Adaptive Learning

    1. Online or in-person

    2. Accommodating to diverse schedule and needs

  5. Life-long Learning

    1. Master study methods and time management

    2. Independence and personal growth

By understanding and embracing the various advantages of tutoring, we empower students to overcome challenges, cultivate knowledge, and embark on a journey of learning and achievement. We bridge the access gap by ensuring our students work with top-tier tutors in the most convenient, supportive way.

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