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Hear from teachers and students at LB Landry High School and their experience with Top Tutors for Us!
Terence’s ACT score improved by 8 points!

Parent Dr. Dionne and son Terence

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“I enjoyed reviewing questions repeatedly because some questions were almost certain to come up on the official exam. The repetition was the best part because I was going into every question with a gist of what would be the outcome. It also sped me up because I was more confident with my answers. My tutor knew the test format really well, so we didn’t waste any time going over topics not covered.”

Deon, 12th Grader, CA

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“What I liked the most about Tutors For Us was the program material. I improved my ACT score by 4 points!”

Miracle, 11th Grader, CA

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“ Over the past couple months, Top Tutors for Us has helped me immensely with test prep. I have learned how to be a more successful student and how to strengthen my skills. My [Top Tutors for Us] tutor is a great match for me and has been fantastic in giving me the tools I need to improve. What I love most about Top Tutors for Us is everyone’s willingness to empower me to succeed! ”

McKenzie, 11th Grader, CA

“I loved how encouraging my [Tutor for Us] tutor was, she really helped me think that I could improve and helped me perform better. I also liked that she was patient and didn’t judge at all coming in and was super willing to help every time. She was also very down to Earth and was not robot in the sense that we would just breeze through questions but took the time to ask about my week and recognize when I needed a break as well. She is honestly such a great tutor and I benefitted a lot from working with her.”

Jasmine, 12th Grader, CA



Angelica Harris took drastic action to raise her ACT score: She dropped out of high school.

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STLMade: Prep Work

With Top Tutors For Us, founder Angelica Harris is helping Black high school students build academic skills and improve college admissions test scores in St. Louis and across the U.S.
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City Corner : Top Tutors for Us

By Black Tutors for Black students, Top Tutor for Us designs educational programs and curriculums for predominantly Black public schools. These curricula work...
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The Skandalaris Center Grants More Than $75,000 To WashU Startups at the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Awards

Excitement was in the air as the Skandalaris Center presented The Washington University Innovation & Entrepreneurship Awards...
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Hundreds compete for $75K Arch Grants. Mentors can make the difference

Applying to the Arch Grants Startup Competition is a rigorous process.
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Episode 256: Championing Change with Top Tutors for Us

Join me on a compelling journey with Angelica Harris, CEO of Top Tutors for Us, in tonight's episode of My EdTech Life. Discover how this pioneering platform is revolutionizing tutoring for Black students, fostering an environment where representation and excellence thrive.
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Angelica Harris: creating a company of Black tutors for Black students

Sometimes an early life event can impact a person’s career trajectory.
That’s the case with Angelica Harris, founder and CEO of Top Tutors for Us, a company that specializes in teaching...
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Teeing off: Angelica Harris putts for WU and with George W. Bush

Alone in the hallway just outside her hotel room, seven-year-old Angelica Harris practiced her putting...
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St Louis-based tutoring business focuses on black students test prep

Angelica Harris, Founder of St. Louis based education Startup - Top Tutors For Us joins Megan in studio talking about her company to help black students test prep.
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Two WashU Olin alums’ startups receive Arch Grants

Arch Grants recently awarded grants of $75,000 to two founders who are WashU Olin alums:
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A Night of Celebration at the Washington University Innovation & Entrepreneurship Awards 

Celebration was in the air as the Skandalaris Center presented the Washington University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Awards...
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