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ACT Scores Hit A 30-Year Low: A Need for Inclusive Education

In recent years, the world of college admissions has been undergoing a significant transformation. From declining ACT scores to the increasing number of universities making standardized tests optional, the process of getting into higher education institutions is evolving. One of the striking developments in recent times is the decline in ACT scores. ACT, one of the most well-known standardized tests for college admissions, has witnessed a decrease in scores. While it's important to acknowledge that this decline could be attributed to various factors, it underscores the need for a more comprehensive evaluation process. Critics argue that these tests can favor wealthier students who can afford test preparation courses and put low-income students at a disadvantage.

Research shows that having diverse role models in educational environments can have a profoundly positive impact on students, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds. A study highlights the importance of culturally competent learning environments.

  • Black students who had just one black teacher by 3rd grade were 13 percent more likely to enroll in college.

  • Black students who had two black teachers were 32 percent more likely to enroll in college.

  • A low-income black student’s probability of dropping out of high school is reduced by 29 percent if he or she has one black teacher in grades 3-5.

When students see teachers who share their background, they are more likely to aspire to higher education and achieve their academic goals.

In this changing educational landscape, services like Top Tutors play a pivotal role in creating culturally competent and inclusive learning environments. They recognize the significance of diverse role models and educators who can inspire and guide students from various backgrounds.

Top Tutors are not just academic mentors; they are mentors who understand the unique challenges that students face. They provide more than just subject knowledge; they offer motivation, encouragement, and a deeper understanding of the student's needs. With a diverse team of educators, they foster an inclusive learning atmosphere that helps students from all walks of life achieve their academic potential.

The current state of college admissions and education is undergoing a profound shift towards inclusivity and cultural competence. From the declining ACT scores to universities making standardized tests optional, it's clear that a change is in motion. The power of diverse role models in education is increasingly recognized, as research shows their positive impact on student outcomes. In this evolving landscape, services like Top Tutors are vital, as they help bridge the gaps in the educational system, offering students the support and mentorship they need to succeed. In the end, it's not just about test scores; it's about fostering a learning environment where every student has the opportunity to excel and reach their fullest potential.

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